Being only 23 years old, De Jong is a great talent. Within an eclectic mix of influences this pianist effortlessly blends his ideas’

-Erno Elsinga (Jazzenzo)

Some think that pianist and composer Jetse de Jong fell into a big pot of New Orleans’ Gumbo as a child. After a few days he climbed out and hasn’t stopped playing the piano ever since. In reality he found his calling after hearing the music of rock ‘n roll legend Fats Domino. 

With different groups he toured and performed the last years in the Netherlands, New Zealand, Belgium, Germany, France, Finland, Estonia and Slovenia. Multiple albums have appeared and the single ‘Benjamin Lucas’ on which Grammy-award winner John Scofield appeared as a guest soloist. In 2019 he graduated from the Conservatory of Amsterdam. His debut album ‘Intercities’ received critical acclaim in different reviews and blogs. 

As the regular accompanist of singer Sven Ratzke he will be performing internationally the coming months. Together with his father, vibraphonist Hein de Jong, he recently recorded an album with the music of Horace Silver. Next to performing and composing Jetse is preparing a book on the New Orleans Piano tradition.